Volvo XC90 Competitive Comparison

Why Choose the Volvo XC90 Over the Competition?

To an outside perspective, the luxury SUV field can seem like it's full of competition. With so many SUVs to choose from, determining which one would be the best fit for your life can be a difficult process.

Rather than endlessly checking websites to compare luxury SUVs, Volvo Cars Princeton has compiled a comparison between the many luxury SUVs and the Volvo XC90. By comparing the Volvo XC90 to the rest of the competition, you'll see that this luxury SUV trumps all others.


When you shop for the Volvo XC90 near Philadelphia, you'll discover that you have plenty of options. With a choice between gas-powered engines and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, you can customize your Volvo experience to your liking.

With the T6 all-wheel drive powertrain, you can experience exceptional performance with 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The Volvo XC90 Recharge, on the other hand, achieves 400 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque.

In addition to incredible performance, other luxury SUVs like the Audi Q7, can't compare to the fuel economy of the Volvo XC90. The standard Volvo XC90 can get up to 30 miles per gallon, whereas the Volvo XC90 Recharge can get up to 55 miles per gallon and a driving range of up to 520 miles in a single tank of gas.

Compare these numbers to another luxury SUV available near Trenton, like the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 with up to 26 miles per gallon, and it's clear that the Volvo XC90 reigns supreme no matter the powertrain you choose.


No matter where you go, whether it's down the street from your home in Cherry Hill or on your commute to work in Princeton, your Volvo XC90 will do its best to keep you safe. Compared to other luxury SUVs, like the BMW X5, the Volvo XC90 actually comes with many standard driver assistance features.

Whereas many luxury SUVs see fit to leave many safety features optional, the Volvo XC90 includes these advanced safety features as standard pieces of technology. And while many other luxury SUVs, like the Lexus RX350, only include active safety warnings, the Volvo XC90 rises above the rest with a suite of standard active safety features.

If you want you and your passengers to feel at ease with a wide variety of safety features, then be sure to check out the Volvo XC90 for sale near Morrisville. With features like rear cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assist, and forward collision alert, the Volvo XC90 proves to be an exceptionally safe SUV, especially compared to the rest of the competition.


When you're driving to and from Hamilton, you'll want a large suite of advanced tech to keep you entertained the entire way there. Not only that, but a luxury SUV's technology should also provide you with enough comfort and convenience so that you look forward to your commutes to Lawrenceville.

That's where the Volvo XC90 shines above the rest of the competition. Whereas many SUVs lack features that would bring you to the height of luxury for your drives around Philadelphia, the Volvo XC90 come standard with a number of features that will impress you. Get the Volvo XC90 to take advantage of the following advanced tech features that are either optional or not present at all in other luxury SUV models:

  • Remote Engine Start
  • Dual Rear Zone Climate Control
  • LED Headlights with Active Bending
  • Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors
  • Inductive Smartphone Charging

Try Out a Volvo XC90

If you're in the Trenton area and are hoping to try out a Volvo XC90, you're in luck! Come to Volvo Cars Princeton to take a test drive of this luxury SUV model. See exactly why the Volvo XC90 beats the competition.

2022 Volvo XC90 T5 FWD Momentum

2022 Audi Q7 AWD

2022 BMW X5 RWD

2022 Mercedes GLE 350 RWD

2022 Lexus RX350L FWD

Base MSRP $51,995 $58,590 $61,595 $56,750 $49,475
LED Headlights w/ Active Bending Standard Not Available Standard Optional Optional
Active Safety* Standard Warning Only Warning Only Warning Only Warning Only
Pilot Assist Driver Assistance Standard Optional Optional Optional Standard
Standard Passenger Seating 7 7 5 5 7
Dual Rear Zone Climate Control Standard Optional Optional Optional Not Available
Engine Remote Start Standard Not Available Optional Standard Standard
Inductive Smartphone Charging Standard Optional Optional Standard Optional
Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors Standard Optional Driver Side Only Driver Side Only Optional
Spare Tire Standard Not Available Optional Standard Standard
Available Plug-In Hybrid Yes No Yes No No
Warranty Maintenance 36 mo./36K 0 36 mo./36K 0 12 mo./10K
Height 69.9 68.5 68.7 70.7 67.3
Width 79.1 / 84.3 87.1 / 77.6 87.3 / 78.9 84.9 / 76.7 74.6
Wheelbase 117.5 117.9 117.1 117.9 109.8
Length 195 199.3 194.3 194.3 196.9
(F/R/3rd Row)
38.9 / 38.5 / 36.3 39.9 / 38.8 / 35.9 40.7 / 39.4 / N/A 40.5 / 36.9 / N/A 39.8 / 38.5 / 34.8
(F/R/3rd Row)
40.9 / 37.0 / 31.9 41.7 / 38.8 / 29.2 39.8 / 37.4 40.3 / 40.9 / N/A 44.1 / 38.0 / 23.5
Shoulder Room
(F/R/3rd Row)
57.7 / 56.6 / 46.9 59.5 / 58.5 / 49.4 60.0 / 58.1 59.3 / 58.3 57.8 / 57.6 / 45.7
Curb Weight 4,374 4,784 4,828 4,718 4,464
MPG (City/Hwy/Combined) 21 / 30 / 25 19 / 23 / 21 21 / 26 / 23 19 / 26 / 22 19 / 26 / 22
Source: Data is from Autoplanner (November 2021) for all car models shown.
*Lane Departure Warning, BLIS, & Rear Collision Mitigation