The market for a compact luxury sedan is incredibly competitive with a number of remarkable options available to drivers that make ever drive special. If you want to experience one of the most stunning models you could ever imagine, then you will want to consider the new Volvo S60 which has become universally loved by drivers and media alike. Find yours today when you make the trip over to Volvo Cars Princeton in Lawrenceville, NJ and we can make sure you are going to enjoy more adventures with confidence and poise.

The new Volvo S60 is one of the most impressive compact sedans and has the ranking to back that up! After being recognized as one of the top 10 models for the 2020 option, and even a finalist for a bevy of awards for the 2019 offering, there are few things that this sedan doesn’t offer to drivers throughout the Trenton area!

This segment is incredibly competitive thanks to options from numerous other competitors, but what the Volvo is able to offer is the same luxury on the inside, advanced technologies, spacious seating, and plenty of grunt under the hood all at a more wallet friendly price. For example, the new Volvo S60 starts around $36,000 and will top around under the $60,000 mark. But its competitors from some unnamed competitors will have a slightly higher starting prices and will even cross that $60,000 line when they are fully equipped. So, if you want a fun-to-drive and incredibly luxurious compact sedan to traverse the roads of Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, and Morrisville, PA, a new Volvo S60 is the choice for you!

One great parts about this stylish sedan is that getting a stellar lease is going to be much more palatable because of our staff members and willingness to work with shoppers. We aim to help more drivers in the Hamilton, NJ area understand the Volvo lease options and want to show you why something like the new Volvo S60 is worth every-penny you will pay!

If you are looking to make a new Volvo S60 your new sedan, come over to Volvo Cars Princeton and see first-hand what this sedan is prepared to offer. See you soon!

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