Increased Interest in These New Volvo S60 Safety Features

When Volvo Cars Princeton took possession of the new Volvo S60, we knew we had to share some information with our audience.

If you shift the Volvo S60 in reverse, this is when the Cross-Traffic Alert feature is activated. This system will scan the road in both directions for any vehicles that could be moving in your path and possibly being in the way as you travel. Visual and sound alerts will give the driver enough time to react to avoid a possible collision.

The Blind Spot Information System in the new Volvo S60 was designed to help reduce instances of accidents on the roads. If any other vehicle has moved or is going to be crawling into your blind spot, the side mirror on that side of your vehicle will begin flashing so you are aware which side is the trouble and to maintain your lane until the roadway is clear again.



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