Keeping Princeton-Area Trick-or-Treaters Safe

Volvo owners care deeply about safety—it's one of the main reasons drivers choose Volvo over other brands. With an impressive crash-test record and an advanced suite of crash-prevention technology built in, Volvo cars are designed to protect their occupants.

But what about people outside the vehicle?

Though most new Volvo vehicles feature pedestrian detection technology, it's still up to the driver to make good decisions. Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year in terms of pedestrian traffic fatalities because so many people—many of them children—are out after dark. Combine that with dark costumes that are difficult to see, masks that impair vision, and long capes that are easy to trip over, and you've got a dangerous situation.

At Volvo Cars Princeton, we recommend driving slowly on Halloween, especially after 6 p.m. when trick-or-treating starts. Don't take phone calls or text, even using a hands-free system—you'll need all your attention to spot that kid in a ninja costume who decided to cross the road in the middle of the block.

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