How to Restore Your Volvo's Finish After Mischief Night

In Princeton, it's not uncommon to find your car covered in eggs or shaving cream on Halloween morning. October 30th is known as Mischief Night, or Devil's Night, and for many it's a The Purge-like holiday for pranks and outright vandalism.

Many of the teens and college students roving the streets on Mischief Night think eggs and shaving cream are harmless, but if the mess isn't cleaned off quickly, it can become bonded to your car's paint, and even start to eat away the clear coat.

Cleaning Eggs Off Your Volvo

If you're lucky, you'll realize you've been pranked before the egg can dry onto the paint. Spray the egg off with a hose immediately, then wash with soap, and it should come off clean.

If it has dried, your first step is still spraying off as much of the egg as you can, removing any bits of eggshell, and washing with soap. Use diluted white vinegar to dissolve the dried-on egg, and finish with a clay bar to get any remaining residue. Re-apply your favorite wax after using vinegar on the paint.

Cleaning Shaving Cream Off Your Volvo

Just like eggs, shaving cream comes off clean with a hose if you catch it before it dries. Once it is caked on, you will need to spray it with water persistently until it rehydrates enough to wash off.

If it has been stuck to the paint too long, it may have hazed the clear coat. Detailing with a clay bar may be enough to remove the discoloration, but you may need to have it buffed and polished.

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