Volvo XC60 to Show Off New Face in Geneva

Ever since the Volvo V90 and S90 were released—officially rounding out the first series of new models from our preferred automaker—we were left wondering what vehicles would be updated next. Although concept cars released last year suggested the Swedes were going to start with their smallest offerings and work their way up, it seems that the 2018 XC60 is next to be unveiled.

The XC60, which competes in the compact luxury crossover segment, has been on the market for quite some time now without seeing a slowdown in sales. That’s partially because Volvo has kept it fresh, most recently adding new powertrains to the lineup. These will carry over into the new model, which from the teaser above will boast a fresh take on the Thor’s Hammer headlamps and water fall brake lights of the flagship vehicles.

The new XC60 will be unveiled in Geneva next week. To learn more about it, stay tuned to our blog. We can also help you with your upcoming automotive purchase when you contact our Volvo dealership in Lawrenceville, NJ.

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