More Ways to Get Your Volvo Winter Ready

Like it or not, winter is here in Princeton. In our last post, we shared some ways to help you get your vehicle winter ready. Here are some more maintenance tips to help your Volvo excel this winter.

  • Visibility becomes challenging when ice and snow build up on your windshield. Install heavier winter wiper blades that are strong enough to clear off the mess.
  • Your tires play a major role in helping you get through the winter. Bald or out of season tires simply won't do it, and can lead to dangerous driving situations. Get a new set of winter tires that are engineered for winter performance.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Pack it with warm clothing, emergency gear (flares, flashlights and batteries, car phone charger), and snacks. A shovel and kitty litter are also helpful to have in case you get stuck and need traction.

If you've been skidding along on bald tires, don't wait any longer! Shop for a new set of winter tires through the Volvo Tire Advantage and command the snowy Hamilton, Cherry Hill, Lawrenceville, and Philadelphia roads with confidence. Schedule an appointment in the Service & Parts Center at Volvo Cars of Princeton to have your new winter tires mounted and balanced.

Happy winter driving!

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