Are Synthetic & Conventional Oils Different Colors?

Automobile liquids are color-coded to a large extent, allowing mechanics to differentiate between spills. For example transmission fluid is red and windshield wiper fluid is blue. But, what about synthetic and conventional oils? Are they different colors?
New conventional oil is a light caramel color. It has some natural organics, which give it this hue. On the other hand, the pure synthetic oil base is clear. Thus, while a motor oil manufacturer can create any color combinations, adding dyes, pure synthetics are more likely to be clear.
When you are ready for your next oil change, our dealership is ready to help out. Your old motor oil is likely to be dark brown or black, no matter whether it is conventional or synthetic. This is because it has accumulated sludge, metals and contaminants. We can develop a regular oil change schedule to keep your family vehicle running at peak levels.
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