Another Reason to Schedule Maintenance for Your Volvo C30

Earlier this year, Volvo unveiled its new small-car architecture, CMA, and two prototypes based on it. A crossover and sedan concept, "40.1" and "40.2," previewed the upcoming 40 Series.

As Volvo wraps up its larger 90 Series and moves toward the compact segment, many hatchback enthusiasts in Lawrenceville may be wondering whether the Volvo C30 is coming back. The C30 was produced between 2006 and 2013, so most are still on the road today, but so few were sold that they are difficult to come by.

Being able to order a brand-new one with all the latest features would be wonderful.

Unfortunately, when pressed on the subject of a new 30 Series, Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson gave this statement to Car and Driver:

"We obviously move towards segments that we can sell around the world. It's very hard to make money in that segment right now. Of course we could downsize CMA, but that is not on the agenda."

If you are one of the lucky few with a Volvo C30, be sure --now more than ever -- to bring it in to Volvo of Princeton for routine service, maintenance, and repairs. Regular maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotation, can significantly increase the life of a car. With no plans to create a new C30, you'll want to keep yours in prime condition!

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