Autotrader Love-Struck by Volvo's Latest, the All-New 2017 S90

Replacing a lineup legend like the S80 is certainly no small task. Given this unenviable assignment, many others might've cracked under the pressure.

Instead, the all-new 2017 Volvo S90 -- the S80's successor -- put that pressure to good use and, instead, polished up into a diamond.

Wondering what, specifically, makes this full-size sedan the stunner it is? Then, tag along with the Autotrader team. Their review of the S90 is available in the video below:

Ludicrous luxury, in many ways, is the name of the game when it comes to the S90. Its exterior, stately and subdued, is altogether exquisite. A similarly posh vibe can be found inside, with plush, pillowy-soft leather upholstery and genuine wood and aluminum accents throughout. A big, brilliant touchscreen display, embedded in the dash between two tall air vents, ties the whole look together.

All that considered, we think it's safe to say it'll do the S80 proud.

Nevertheless, the question remains: how might you click with this colossus? To find out, be sure to pop by our Lawrenceville, NJ facility. We'd be delighted to arrange a test drive in the S90, or any other Volvo model that's made your must-see list.

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